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Firearms Training
firearms training, concealed carry classes

Firearms training Beginner to Advanced Gun safety classes Concealed carry classes Self-defense classes



brass tacs

After more than 55 years of law enforcement service, we retired and thought... what could we do that would help keep others safe? The world we grew up in, and the world in general, can be a dangerous place. Current events and social media often echoes the same.  We want to bring our life experiences and training to benefit others. Maybe it can help someone protect their families or themselves… it's worth the investment!  

When beginning to train, be it for sport, self-protection or simply improving the skills you already have, we know it can be intimidating and costly. What if you could get all of these things, including professional training, for a fraction of the cost? And do it from the comfort of your own home or business?


That’s where BRASS TACS comes in. We are a mobile firearms/self-protection training academy. We bring the training to you! We offer training for beginner to advanced, in varied firearms (pistol, rifle and shotgun.)  Safety is most important when dealing with any and all firearms.  Our proven methods have taken students, beginners, and advanced alike, to a safe, responsible, and skilled gun owner in just a few sessions!

Be Ready And Stay Safe

Teaching Awareness Customizing Skills



Disclosure: Students are required to cancel at least 48 hours in advance of a class date in order to receive a full refund. Classes cancelled by students less than 48 hours before the class date will incur a $25 administrative service fee. Students who do not show up to attend a class are not eligible for a refund but may be rescheduled at our discretion if space is available. Students who do not attend all portions of a class are not eligible for a refund but may arrange another session if space is available. Multi-day classes are not eligible for a full refund. 

onsite or mobile
We can bring the training to you!
Corporate events
We are available for corporate event training and demos.
personal training
Free parking is available on site

however space is limited.

security/threat assessment
Home or business, we assess vulnerabilities of the establishment.




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Fayetteville, GA

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